Budget Cuts Limiting Resources at IRS

Budget cuts are limiting resources at the IRS. The IRS agents are under more pressure to handle the work. As a result, taxpayers and their accountants have much less time to respond to certain audit letters and the letters are difficult to comprehend. We have noticed this in a number of cases but until reading this New York Times Op-Ed article, we did not realize the systematic nature of this underlying policy in the Read More

Dennis Kainen Featured in Law 360

Attorney Dennis Kainen of Weisberg, Kainen & Mark was recently featured in a Law 360 article. Click here for the story, or read the article below! Law360, New York (May 04, 2015, 4:43 PM ET) -- A consultant convicted of playing a role in Lancer Group's $200 million securities fraud surrendered to federal custody Monday to serve a sentence just reduced from 3 years to 5 months after the Eleventh Circuit ordered a Read More