Corporate / Business Tax Issues

Helping Resolve Corporate/Business Tax Issues

As a business owner or an in-house accountant, you undoubtedly understand the importance of accuracy where tax issues are concerned. While corporate tax laws may be complex and seem to needlessly complicate the smooth operation of your business, you are still obligated to file returns accurately and in a timely manner.

At Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL in Miami, Florida, our tax attorneys not only understand the unique situations that can lead to tax compliance problems but also have the legal experience you need to face the repercussions for failure to comply. A tax compliance problem may result from a failure to accurately report or pay taxes to the federal government. This may occur either as an oversight, an intentional fraud or something in between. In any case, the issues must be dealt with competently and in an effective manner.  If you find your business jeopardized by potentially serious tax compliance problems, you need attorneys who can help educate you so that you may continue to successfully operate your business. At Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL, we routinely handle a variety of tax compliance cases related to the following:

  • Corporate income taxes
  • Employment taxes
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • Form 8300 or Currency Transaction Reports (CTR)
  • Failure to Withhold
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor related tax issues

Being informed is one of the best ways of handling your business tax matters correctly and avoid the pitfalls that can slow or destroy your business. Contact Us  to connect with one of our tax attorneys today and schedule an initial consultation.