Criminal Defense

White Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys

  • White Collar and Financial Crimes – Tax evasion, money laundering, currency transaction violations, commercial crimes, mail and wire fraud, Ponzi schemes, conspiracy and RICO violations, credit card fraud, passport fraud, and more
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations (Foreign Bribery) – Defense against accusations of bribery or failure to comply with Federal rules regarding foreign business and financial transactions.
  • Health Care Fraud – Representation against charges of ineligibility, fraudulent health care claims to Medicare or Medicaid, deliberate overbilling, misuse of insurance payouts, and more
  • Mortgage Fraud – Fraud in obtaining a mortgage for a single residence for a developer in multiple buildings, deliberate misstatement of interest rates and basis points, appraisal fraud, cashback schemes, identity theft, and income fraud
  • Criminal Tax Fraud and False Statements – Failure to file tax returns, deliberate incorrect reporting on returns, perjury and false affidavits, conspiracy to commit tax fraud
  • Criminal Tax Litigation – Tax court litigation, tax practitioner investigations and disciplinary matters, and appeals
  • Criminal Fraud – Mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, computer crime, and internet fraud
  • Grand Jury Investigations – Safeguarding the rights of clients subpoenaed as witnesses, targets, or subjects in federal grand jury investigations.
  • Other Federal and State Crimes -Grand theft, drug crimes, federal asset forfeitures, expungement and sealing of criminal records.