Criminal Tax Fraud and False Statements

Your Advocate in Criminal Tax Fraud and False Statement Cases

A civil tax matter can become a criminal tax matter if it is suspected that you willfully attempted to defraud the government or provided false statements. You may end up facing criminal charges, in addition to still owing the unpaid taxes. The experienced criminal defense lawyers and tax attorneys at Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL can help you on many levels. Not only are we a firm that handles complex tax matters, but we also represent clients in criminal tax matters.

Without the help of a lawyer, you may not appreciate your options. However, our office can help you mount an aggressive defense by gathering all of the essential documents and ensure that your side of the story is being effectively communicated to the prosecution, the judge and/or the jury.

Criminal Tax Fraud

Tax fraud charges should not be taken lightly. These are serious charges which may expose you to federal prison. We handle all types of criminal tax fraud cases, including those involving:

  • Falsified records in order to evade tax responsibilities
  • Failure to file taxes
  • Failure to provide all tax information
  • Failure to pay taxes owed
  • Submission of fraudulent tax documents
  • Helping someone submit fraudulent tax records
  • False claims on business or individual returns

False Statements

When the IRS alleges that you falsified tax materials in order to evade your tax responsibilities, it is prudent to enlist legal representation. In some cases, the false documents were not your fault or you were not even aware that documents were missing or falsely completed. This can happen when a CPA or another individual has completed your tax documentation for you. However, since you signed off on the tax forms, the IRS will attempt to hold you criminally responsible. Our firm can investigate what really happened, interview witnesses, gather documents and show that someone else is responsible.

Individuals with a high net worth may also find themselves facing other tax issues, such as money laundering. Our firm can work with you, and any tax consultants that may have had access to your tax records and money, to ensure that your rights are properly protected and defended.