Criminal Tax Litigation

Experienced Litigation Support in Criminal Tax Matters

If you have been charged with a crime related to federal income tax such as tax evasion, tax fraud, failure to file a tax return, or money laundering, you may believe that you have no options. This is not the case—securing legal counsel that is both tenacious in its representation and creative in its problem-solving may make that critical difference in your case.

At the Miami-based law firm of Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL, our attorneys provide this level of legal support to clients charged with IRS tax evasion and other serious tax crimes.


Breaking up large sums of money and depositing it or withdrawing it incrementally over a period of time to avoid having the bank report large deposits is a serious offense. If you are under investigation or have been charged with structuring or money laundering, rely on the attorneys who can help you through every aspect of the legal process—pre-indictment, indictment, trial, and even at the appellate court level.

Federal Tax Evasion

Even a minimal amount of earnings may obligate an individual to file a tax return. Perhaps you have avoided properly reporting all your income on filed tax returns for years or have simply failed to file a tax return in a single year. Perhaps you feel helpless in your situation. You need options. At Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL we help provide you with creative options geared toward avoiding the nightmare of a criminal prosecution.

Minimizing the Impact

Regardless of how big you feel your criminal tax problem is, you may have the opportunity of minimizing its impact. Before you respond to the IRS, before you call an accountant (accountants do not enjoy an attorney/client privilege), contact Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL. We will support you through the entire legal process and help you, based on the facts of your matter, get the best possible results.