Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations

Protecting You from Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Violations and Foreign Bribery Charges

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) makes it illegal for a United States individual or business to engage in the bribery of a foreign official or foreign company. Company executives, employees, or shareholders who allegedly violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Acts can face both criminal and civil penalties.

At Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL in Miami, Florida, we have experience defending individuals and businesses accused of bribing a foreign official. It is our goal to resolve your case as quickly as is legally prudent, working to avoid the expense, time commitment and negative publicity of trial. Of course, sometimes a trial is in the client’s best interest. This depends on the facts and circumstances of an individual case. We strive to achieve the best possible outcome for your particular circumstances.Whether formal charges have been filed or you are under investigation, your rights and liberty may be at stake. Please Contact Us┬áimmediately to ensure your best-possible defense.

It May Be a Case of Misinterpretation

Many suspected Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations are simple misunderstandings. A United States company may act in good faith, providing a foreign customer or government official with a corporate gift, as is customary in that country. A competitor to the U.S. company may contact the Department of Justice and report this gracious act as a bribe.

In this circumstance, our attorneys may be able to convince government investigators that this practice was not a criminal act but an innocent non-willful cultural practice for that country. The gift was not intended as a bribe and is not a violation of the law.

We Investigate Every Avenue for Your Defense

As soon as you hire Weisberg Kainen Mark,PL, we urge that there be an intensive investigation into your case. We determine the extent of the problem and strategize with you over the potential defense options. We understand the complexity of your case and the consequences you may be facing. We act quickly to limit your risks and minimize criminal exposure.

As with any criminal case, acting sooner rather than later may be beneficial. The longer the investigating party has to gather evidence, the stronger the case against you may grow. We put our years of white collar crime defense experience to work for you immediately, diligently protecting your rights.