IRS Voluntary Disclosure (Domestic / Non-Offshore)

The attorneys at Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL understand that when you get into a difficult situation involving the IRS — failing to report all your income, failing to pay taxes, falsifying information, not reporting offshore accounts —the task of resolving your tax problems, and avoiding prison, may seem daunting. Our attorneys provide options for your defense focused on avoiding the negative impact of a federal criminal investigation, possible criminal conviction and incarceration.

The attorneys at Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL have vast experience with Voluntary Disclosures involving general tax matters where there are no foreign bank accounts or foreign assets (we call this “ Domestic” as opposed to “Offshore” Voluntary Disclosures.) This could involve a “non-filer” or someone who has not filed any personal income tax returns for several years.  Or it could involve a taxpayer who knows that his filed income tax return is incorrect – either it does not include all of the income earned, or it includes deductions or credits that are improper.  There are ways for you to come clean and voluntary correct your tax returns in a safe way, with the goal that you not face criminal charges.  We can advise you on alternatives to Voluntary Disclosure as well, and help you to analyze the risks and benefits involved with these various options.