Mortgage Fraud

Delivering Dedicated Mortgage Fraud Defense

The mortgage fraud attorneys at Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL are experienced advocates who can help if you’re under under investigation or charged with the crime of real estate or mortgage fraud. Located in Miami, Florida, we are a team of lawyers with experienced track record for handling these serious legal allegations with professionalism and as strong defenders of your rights. We treat your legal problems with the utmost concern, and apply our experience and knowledge to your particular legal entanglement, which enables us to offer clear advice and concrete, creative solutions to endeavor to achieve the best possible result.

Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud

Money is generally at the heart of fraud cases—a person essentially lies in order to either save having to pay money, or to obtain more money than he or she is legally due. If you have lied about your income to a lending institution, have taken out a second mortgage on a house without recording the first in order to obtain a mortgage worth more than the value of your property, or have falsified income tax records, you have committed a fraud.

If a bank is federally insured, such crimes are federal crimes. You need lawyers experienced in the federal court system. Our attorneys are a powerful presence in a courtroom, advocating zealously on behalf of our clients.

If you have been charged with lying to a real estate broker, or a financial lender, with the aim of improving lending arrangements, or have counterfeited tax returns or check stubs, Contact us for an initial evaluation of your case today.