Do I need an attorney if I am being audited by the IRS?

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What is the difference between a Grand Jury and a Trial Jury?

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What are some steps my company can take to protect us from payroll tax issues with the IRS?

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What is Double Jeopardy?

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What do I do if the government asks to search my home, office, or other personal property?

None of us are under any obligation to cooperate with the government and assist the government in the search of our home, our personal property or automobile. In fact, if you let the government come in and search all of your belongings it doesn’t necessarily score any brownie points because the government is going to try to hurt you anyway. So I would suggest that if the government comes and knocks on your door and Read More

Is it true that the IRS has the power to seize personal assets like my car or home?

The IRS has incredible powers; they can seize your car, they can seize your home. As I like to tell clients, it's really not just the IRS it's actually congress has passed legislation that gives the IRS this power. Now, that's not to say that they exercise that power in every case or early on. As a matter of fact, when we handle cases when people owe money to the IRS there are all kinds of procedures and programs Read More

I can’t afford to pay my debt to the IRS. What are my options?

There are number of options and programs available for taxpayers who are having difficulty or unable to pay their taxes. First, there’s something called an installment payment plan and that enables you to workout an arrangements with the IRS to pay an amount that you can pay each month over either the life of the statute of limitations or a shorter period of time. if you can afford to pay it. If it’ll appears you’ll Read More

What should I do if I think I’m under investigation for White Collar crimes?

If you think you're under investigation for a white collar crime, or I would suggest any crime, the important thing is to understand what is it that the government is looking at; what do they think that you did wrong? In that situation, I would probably have an attorney utilize an investigator or an accountant, depending on the scenario, to start asking questions to individuals who would have knowledge and Read More

Is it possible to settle my debt with the IRS for less than what I owe?

It is sometimes possible to settle your debt with the IRS for less than what you owe. It depends on a variety of factors; mostly it does not depend on how much you owe but how much you have. The IRS wants to know all of your assets, all of your liabilities, your income, and your expenses; based on a very specific formula, they have certain forms that we can help you work through. It is possible to either reduce your Read More

Can the IRS really press criminal charges against me?

The IRS brings criminal charges in the Southern District of Florida and all over the country. Their attempts to do so are based on a policy of trying to be uniform in the charges that they bring. Many years ago, I was an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of Florida and I prosecuted many of the criminal tax cases that were brought here. These are very serious charges; but unlike many other criminal Read More