Tax Audits

Guiding You Through the Tax Audit Process

For most people, the idea of a tax audit is frightening and stressful. With Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL on your side, however, you can feel more confident about navigating this stressful situation with knowledgeable support on  your side. The audit may begin with a “red flag”. The Examination Division of the IRS looks over suspect tax returns and notices a significant discrepancy in the numbers on a particular return. Several factors may precipitate an IRS audit:

  • What appear to be excessive deductions
  • What appear to be understated income and any failure to report 1099 income
  • Changes to the tax code of which businesses or individuals may not be aware

At the offices of Weisberg Kainen Mark, PL, our IRS audit defense team can help you understand the complex issues surrounding a problematic audit by utilizing our experience to advocate on your behalf. By complying and cooperating with an IRS tax investigation, you may be able to avoid penalties and fines – but you also deserve an experienced attorney on your side to ensure that your rights are being upheld in the face of any audit. We can act on your behalf to communicate with IRS officials, provide documentation as required and in upholding your rights, resolving any discrepancies, and working out the best-possible scenarios for payment of any back-due amounts or penalties .

Sometimes an examination cannot be resolved with the revenue agent, and the strategic decision is made to let the agent write up a report, after which we will file a protest to go to IRS Appeals.  We often obtain a more favorable resolution with IRS Appeals than at the agent level.

We handle IRS Information Document Requests, Summonses and related enforcement proceedings to protect you and advise you regarding your rights.

We are always here to protect you from the IRS as well as from yourself.  We advise you on how to endeavor to keep a civil audit just that – civil – and prevent it from being referred by the revenue agent to the Criminal Investigation side of the IRS.