Sealing and Expungement: Working Toward a Fresh Start

The process of sealing or expunging a criminal record in Florida is a legal pathway that offers individuals a chance to limit the impact of their past encounters with the law on their future. This process, governed by specific state laws, allows for certain criminal records to be either sealed or expunged, thereby reducing their visibility and impact on a person's life. Expungement and Sealing Read More

Understanding the IRS’s Enforcement on Malta Pension Plans

The IRS's recent enforcement actions concerning Malta Pension Plans represent a pivotal moment in international tax compliance. This critical juncture, centered on the U.S.-Malta Tax Treaty's interplay with the Retirement Pensions Act of 2011, signals a profound shift in the tax landscape, particularly for U.S. taxpayers with international interests. This development is not just a routine update in tax policy; it Read More

Tax Litigation: Understanding Your Legal Options

Tax litigation involves legal proceedings related to federal tax disputes. When facing such disputes with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), understanding the choice of forum and the unique nature of tax litigation is essential for professionals and business owners. This overview provides insights into the critical aspects of tax litigation and the decision-making process involved in choosing the appropriate Read More

Understanding Mortgage Fraud Allegations

Mortgage fraud is a serious legal issue, and those accused sometimes don’t realize they’re engaging in this type of activity. Generally speaking, it involves deceptive practices in real estate financing. Individuals accused of mortgage fraud face significant legal challenges, including the potential for imprisonment. Understanding the nature of these accusations and how to navigate the legal system is vital for those Read More

Digital Asset Brokers & Cryptocurrency

If you have your finger on the pulse of society at large, you have almost certainly at least heard of cryptocurrency–if you aren’t already actively engaged with the trend. This growing industry has led the intersection of digital assets and taxation to gain unprecedented attention. Cryptocurrency, once a niche interest, has become a significant part of the financial landscape, attracting investors, miners, and Read More

Are Common Activities Considered “Badges of Fraud?”

Fraud is a crime that takes many forms, all rooted in deception. Deceptive practices can lead to unfair advantages and financial harm to victims, but the alleged victims can come from a variety of places. The most consistently litigious “victim” is of course, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which pours extensive resources into protecting their interests. In an attempt to track deceptive practices, the IRS Read More

5 Reasons You Could Be Accused of Healthcare Fraud

As a healthcare service provider, you likely closely follow the philosophy behind the Hippocratic Oath. Concepts like avoiding causing harm or representing your vocation with utmost professionalism, can be followed by pretty much anyone, but those in healthcare are still held to the highest standards. What often goes unappreciated is that healthcare providers are often running a business and providing jobs. When Read More

Is Using a Tax Shelter a Viable Tax Strategy?

Savvy tax strategy enthusiasts often look for ways to save as much on taxes as possible. There are many ways to do this, such as filing deductions or contributing pre-taxed income to a 401k. These methods are sometimes called “tax shelters,” which essentially refer to the different strategies people and businesses can use to minimize their tax liabilities. However, not everyone is aware of the complexities around tax Read More

Money Doesn’t Solve Everything While Traveling Abroad

Avid travelers can navigate through unfamiliar territory with ease. There’s an understanding that differing cultural norms will create differing legal frameworks. What may be considered an acceptable practice in one country might be vehemently condemned in another. In some countries, it’s necessary to dress a certain way, in others, substances considered illegal in the U.S. are totally acceptable. A commonly heard Read More

Can Failing to Pay IRS Collections Lead to a Criminal Conviction?

The United States has a long-standing tradition of freedom from debtors' prisons. This tradition is rooted in the belief that people shouldn’t be imprisoned for their inability to pay their debts. However, there are some cases where the failure to meet financial obligations can be considered a crime. In recent years, there has been an uptick in cases involving criminal failure to pay. This trend has raised Read More